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I love to sing VERY loudly along with Josh and all his co stars. I am passionate about many things. Life is too short. Try everything ONCE. I believe you should follow your goosebumps, try not to let people convince you that you CANT do things before you have even tried, Negative vibes are bad for everyone, and that LISTENING to people is the most important thing even if its hard to do. I love my son, my dog, my mum, (sorry mum the order is random) chocolate, real crisps, Italian and Spanish food. German sausage and seafood. I have an opinion about almost everything but need you to have your own opinion too. And you have to agree with me about that. haha. I love Josh, most music, to teach, read, play with my dog, watch films, sit in the sun and listen to the birds singing, being creative, thinking outside the box', nature (as long as it doesn't bite me) world cultures, learning new things constantly and sometimes I try and write. I hate intolerance, prejudice, ignorance, poverty and injustice. Also feet but that's another story. I hate what we are doing to our planet and what we do to each other sometimes, but try and always remain hopeful that things will change if enough people realy care. The meek may inherit the earth but the strong will help to save it. So that's me. Contrary, passionate, sometimes nuts, creative.

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    Happy Hollyday, Tania! image


    Reply from TaniaJHungary:

    Hi Gaby
    Sorry that i am so late replying to you. I had trouble with yuku and could not access my account for a while. Its seems its sort of working again. So happy Very LATE Halloween to you.
    How are you? I am trying to find time to go through all the lovely new things on and also to see if the fojg chat boards work now, but no sucess so far.
    i like the new picture of josh on your avatar. he looks incredibly handsome :) Cant wait for his new record. sign. Take care and speak to you soon I hope. xx Tania
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    They're in the Josh Groban Forum. There is a whole thread on that. I think its on the first or second page.
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    Thanks so much! You know I really think it can be a lonely and often times overwhelming life these guys lead. Sure, it's the life they never dreamed they'd have, but still there's something to be said for the freedom of anonymity. Jason Mraz is pretty great, like you said no Josh, but a different style all together, when I need a little change of pace.

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    Thanks for saying Hello! :)
    I can't wait for Chess either!
    Have a good nite!